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Life Coaching and transformation

Your Situation:


  • You were forced to go a new path and you need a guide

  • You feel blocked and wish to move forward

  • It is difficult to make decisions, not sure of the impact they might have


  • Necessary steps are put on hold

  • Strategic challenges are too complex

Your wish:



  • Change something in your life?

  • Are you at a cross road? It cannot go on like this?

  • You want to move forwards, but cannot take the first step?


Dynamic Dream Journey@ according to LBT Technique@ helps us to clean up old patterns and thoughts in your
subconscious. We can identify areas that need a closer look. Patterns that don't serve your needs anymore can be replaced.


My customers enjoy the journey and feel a change occur, usually within days. During the journey you will be awake
and an active participant. This is not a hypnosis or trance therapy. 


Using energy to heal has potentially been around since man’s first steps on Earth. The fact that humanity can access energy to heal ourselves and others means everyone has the innate ability… to interact with frequencies and vibrations. The reason we are naturally able to access energy in this way is that we are made of energy.


One of the most exciting aspects of Axiatonal Alignment is that it doesn’t behave like any energy healing modality, technique, or therapy. Instead, it acts like nothing else known in healthcare and healing, or even science!

Your goal

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