Life and transformation coaching with  

Your Situation:


  • You were forced to go a new path and you need a guide

  • You feel blocked and wish to move forward

  • It is difficult to make decisions, not sure of the impact they might have


  • Necessary steps are put on hold

  • Strategic challenges are too complex

Your wish:



  • Change something in your life?

  • Are you at a cross road? It cannot go on like this?

  • You want to move forwards, but cannot take the first step?


Dynamic Dream Journey@ according to LBT Technique@ helps us to clean up old patterns and thoughts in your
subconscious. We can identify areas that need a closer look. Patterns that don't serve your needs anymore can be replaced.


My customers enjoy the journey and feel a change occur, usually within days. During the journey you will be awake
and an active participant. This is not a hypnosis or trance therapy.

Ihre neue Welt