Life and transformation coaching with  

My role as coach:


What do I bring to the table as a coach:



  • My matrix. A huge grid, consisting of Knowledge, Experience and Observations that I can recollect at any time. 
    The best coaches world wide use this to act and react creatively to each client. 


  • Excellent perceptiveness, combined with curiosity 

  • The talent to awaken the client's passion on a long term basis 

  • Direct and constructive feedback

  • Patience and understanding

  • Multi cultural experience and education. I searched and picked my teachers globally and therefore bring a  bucket full of experiences and insights. I was taught by world renowned teachers like:  Linda Bullock, Gordon Smith, Lynn Cottrell, Colin Hall, Sheila French, Amanda Kinkade, Alberto Villoldo.

  • Reflection work with horses and dogs gave me the bio-feedback I needed to fine tune my inner emotions. 
    I recommend Terra Materna with Sieglinde Zottmayer in Sils d'Domleschg,

  • Benefit from my exposure to such a wealth of experience.

    Contact me for a get to know each other date, so I can design an action plan and create a transparent offer

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