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Life Coaching and transformation

Would you like to  

  • Live up to your potential?

  • Have faith in the future?

  • Resolve blockages?

  • Enjoy life again?

  • Transform problems into opportunities?

  • Change negative behavioral patterns including addictions?



How does it work?

  • I work future oriented

  • I support you in activating and healing your subconscious

  • I help you see your patterns and adjust them accordingly

  • With Dynamic Dream Journey© which is the Linda Bullock Technique© imported from the UK,  we work together to replace the negative with the positive and it allows you to cope better during difficult times.

  • My new product: Axiatonal Alignment brings up your frequency so that changes may happen in your life. 

Reach your potential

Axiatonal Alignment


Why just positive thinking cannot be the solution


When it comes to sheer neurological processing abilities, the subconscious mind is more than a million times more powerful than the conscious mind. If the desires of the conscious mind conflict with the programs in the subconscious mind, which “mind”

do you think will win out?

You can repeat the positive affirmation
that you are lovable over and over or that your cancer tumor will

shrink. But if, as a child, you repeatedly heard that you were worthless and sickly, those messages programmed in your subconscious mind will undermine your best conscious efforts to change your life.

Bruce Lipton

We can create a healthier subconscious and a better life. Erase outdated pattern and traumas. Create new patterns from the deepness of your soul.

One of the most potent aspects of interacting with the Axiatonal Alignment Frequencies is that its benefits, healings or otherwise, always address and resolve something that is truly needed…not necessarily what we may think we need. These changes are directed and guided by Universal Intelligence.

Using energy to heal has potentially been around since man’s first steps on Earth. The fact that humanity can access energy to heal ourselves and others means everyone has the innate ability… to interact with frequencies and vibrations. The reason we are naturally able to access energy in this way is that we are made of energy.

One of the most exciting aspects of Axiatonal Alignment is that it doesn’t behave like any energy healing modality, technique, or therapy. Instead, it acts like nothing else known in healthcare and healing, or even science!

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