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Life Coaching and transformation


What I bring as a coach:

My matrix: A giant grid consisting of knowledge, experience and observations that I can call up at any time.

  • The best coaches can use it to act and react in a creative and goal-orientated way.

  • A keen sense of perception, coupled with curiosity

  • The gift of arousing your passion for the long term

  • Little talking, lots of impact 

  • Direct and constructive feedback

  • Patience and understanding

  • I specialise in transgenerational issues and their impact on the unconscious

Multicultural experience and teaching areas.
I have specifically chosen my teachers on this planet and bring a range of experiences and insights. I have been trained by world renowned teachers including: Linda Bullock, Gordon Smith, Lynn Cottrell, Colin Hall, Sheila French, Amelia Kinkade and Alberto Villoldo. 

Working with animals such as horses and dogs have given me an additional tool for self-reflection.
I recommend working with Terra Materna with Sieglinde Zotmayer at Alp Flix and Marina Parris,

You too can benefit from this treasure trove of experience.



Contact me for an initial personal, non-binding consultation. This way we can develop a
tailor-made plan for the realisation of your wishes in a transparent offer.

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