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Life Coaching and transformation

My Resume



I was born in Holland, grew up in New York and now reside in Switzerland since 25 years.

I bring 30 years experience as a manager on the international and national platform.

I am a certified teacher and coach with tens of thousands teaching and coaching hours.

I am a licensed Linda Bullock Technique practitioner.

I have experience:

  • with cross hierarchical levels, multi cultural organizations and a span of generations

  • in multinational organizations and small local businesses

  • as an employee, manager of over 100 staff, COO, CEO and Member of the Board at the
    Aargau Chamber of Commerce, Region Baden.


My psychic and medium abilities were honed under world renowned teachers in UK, USA, Holland,
Mocambique, Bali, Costa Rica, Albania and Switzerland.

As a child I was already clairvoyant, but after I had sustained a head injury I was able to
see and feel even more. When I turned 50, I took the next step into mediumship.
My clairvoyance and mediumship are important factors in my successful therapy, but for the client,

it is barely noticeable during the treatment.


People often say to me that it was fate to have met me. Whether it is fate or coincidence or luck, take
the next step to a better life. 


About me

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